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Whether you’re seeking in-person sessions or prefer the convenience of online training, we’ve got you covered. Our dedicated team is excited to work with you and help you reach your baseball goals. Experience personalized one-on-one training sessions that cover a wide spectrum of baseball skills. We offer expert guidance in the following areas:

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Other Services Tailored to Maximize Your Ability to Perform

Our in-person one-on-one training provides an immersive and hands-on experience. Perfect for those who prefer the traditional training environment.

Online Hitting Assessment

Elevate your hitting game with our online hitting assessment, including detailed video analysis of your swing. Uncover areas for improvement and refine your technique.

Southern Baseball Academy

Online Pitching Assessment

Enhance your pitching mechanics with our online pitching assessment, featuring video analysis to pinpoint key areas of development.

Arm Care ROM/Strength

Measure your strength against high school, college, and pro players with our Arm Care ROM/Strength App. Discover where you stand and how to progress.

Southern Baseball Academy
Southern Baseball Academy

Weightlifting Routine

Get a personalized weightlifting routine based on your “Lifting Age,” goals, and level of play. Strengthen your physique and improve your game.

Rapsodo Data Tracking

Access cutting-edge data tracking with Rapsodo. Monitor your progress from session to session.

Southern Baseball Academy
Southern Baseball Academy

Mental Performance Coaching

Unlock your mental edge with our Mental Performance Coaching program. Enjoy weekly Zoom meetings with Coach Robert Hege, MPM, to enhance your mental game.