Southern Baseball Academy About Us

Southern Baseball Academy About Us

Our Focus at the SBA

The SBA Focus on Development 

At Southern Baseball Academy, we are more than just a training facility; we are a dedicated community of baseball enthusiasts committed to helping you achieve your baseball dreams. With a passion for the game that runs deep, we are proud to be your trusted partner on your journey to success. We are a Semi-private facility that focuses on Baseball and Softball skills but works with athletes of all sports on strength and athleticism. We work with typically 6th graders and older, but will worker with younger kids on a case by case basis. Whether you come once or come daily, you will always be part of the SBA Family.

Experienced Leadership:

Extensive coaching background and a passion for developing baseball talent.

Personalized Attention

Maximize progress and address specific skill areas.

Track Record of Success

Proven track record of helping players reach their potential.

The steps we follow to achieve your goals

Experience the difference of a purposeful and effective approach to baseball training within our top-notch facility.

Training Strategy & Development

This strategy takes into account your current skill level, areas for improvement, and the aspects of the game you wish to focus on.

Training Sessions & Progress Evaluation

Continuously evaluate your progress and make necessary adjustments to optimize your development.

Achievement & Success

Celebrate your progress, and you’ll witness the tangible results of your hard work and dedication.

Recent College Commits

Player NameClass ofCollege
Ethan Brittain2025Duke University
Kimber Shambley2025Western Carolina University
Cole Lanford2024Old Dominion University
Efrain Morales2024Old Dominion University
Alec Ammerman2024Grand Canyon University
Ryland Howell2024UNC Asheville
Mason Cates2024Catawba Valley Community College
Elijah Sanos2024Rockingham Community College
Carter Liverman2023Ferrum College
Caleb Cross2023Catawba College
Luke Lambert2023UNC Pembroke
Tyree Claxton2023College of Southern Maryland
Garrison Bullock2022 Emery and Henry
Aidan McCallister2022Hofstra
Ethan Ammerman2022Milligan University
Scott West2021Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Noah Rosato2021Milligan University/Earlham College
Grady Ray2021Methodist University
Tucker Cothran2021University of Northwestern Ohio
Mat Hughes2021Wake Tech Community College
Trevor Law2017NC Wesleyan

what people are saying

“Coach Hege is the best. plain and simple. his knowledge of the game and how to forward it through instruction no matter what the age group is amazing. my son looks forward every week to his hitting and throwing instruction. prior to my son working with coach hege, he was for most people’s views a naia or d2 prospect. since working with coach hege for the past 6 months, my son is now being looked at by mid major d1 and top tier d1 programs. we are so grateful that coach hege is in our lives. there is nobody I would trust more with my son’s baseball instruction than coach hege!”

– FRANK R. NOAH R. C/0 2021

“There isn’t one word that could describe coach hege’s coaching style. as a coach he is patient, passionate, and dedicated to his players. I know this because after he was deployed, he made constant effort to keep in touch with me and help me in any way he could. I have had the incredible experience of having him as not just a trainer or coach but as a friend and brother. his passion for the game is inspiring, and I have yet to meet a coach who wants to continue to learn the game every day. I think everyone can agree that the recruiting process can be a difficult and frustrating process but coach hege remains active in helping his athletes find the schools that are perfect for them. I was blessed to be able to train with coach hege for around ten years, and I can confidently say that his knowledge of not just the physical aspects of the game but of the mental portions as well is what allowed me to become a collegiate athlete and have offers to play baseball after college. he adapts his coaching style to the athlete in front of him and believes in his players even if they don’t believe in themselves. to a trainer, a coach, a mentor, and a brother coach hege is trustworthy and wants nothing but the best for his athletes.”